Agent Sanders


Agi d6, Str d6, Vit d8, Ale d10, Int d8, Wil d8
Init d6+d10; LP 16

Military Rank (ma) +2 Willpower step to all Influence-based actions.
Nose for Trouble (ma) You can always make an Alertness or Intelligence-based roll to sense trouble, and you gain a +2 Attribute step when you expect trouble.
Credo (mc) Your credo will get you into minor trouble.

Athletics d4
Covert d6/Surveillance d8
Discipline d6/Mental Resistance d10
Guns d6
Influence d6/Persuasion d8
Perception d6/Empathy d12/Tactics d10


Despite recent events that have made people question the motivations of the Alliance, Sanders believes that the Alliance is the best chance for order in the ‘Verse, and works to make that order happen. He has no tolerance for people in positions of power who abuse the law, though he isn’t above covert operations—occasionally lawless endeavors—himself, so long as it is for the greater good. Though he does not command a ship, as an intelligence officer, he has a great deal of pull on the IAV Erikson, and knows that the crew are the best chance he has to root out corruption someplace high up inside the government—he so dearly wants to be valorous. He finds it preferable to try to convince someone to see things from his point of view than he is to get them to cooperate by force.

Agent Sanders

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