Baron Otello


Agi d8, Str d4, Vit d6, Ale d8, Int d8, Wil d10
Init d8+d8; LP 16

Friends in High Places (ma) Spend Plot Points to call in favors.
Highly Educated (ma) +2 Intelligence step to recall information.
Leadership (Ma) Once per session, you may designate a goal. Everyone working to achieve the goal gains +2 Skill step on any one action directly related to completing the task. As a Major Trait, spend Plot Points to improve the other characters’ actions related to your chosen goal.

Discipline d6/Leadership d12/Morale d10
Guns d6
Influence d6/Administration d12/Barter d10/Negotiation d10/Marketing d10/Persuasion d10/Politics d10
Knowledge d6/History d10/Law d8
Medical Expertise d6/Genetics d12/Neurology d10/Pharmaceuticals d10
Perception d6/Empathy d10

Derringer (d4 W)


A well-respected geneticist and neuro-scientist, Eustace Otello served as Head of Research and Development in the Alliance Medical Corps during the Unification War. He has since leveraged his reputation and considerable wealth into a political career with the appointed title of Baron. Every year he hosts a gala at the Alliance History Museum on Osiris to raise money for the research hospitals he founded.

Baron Otello

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