Claudia Fong

Emergency Medic on "Rascal Puff"


Agi d6, Str d6, Vit d6, Ale d6, Int d10, Wil d8
Init d6 + d6; LP 14

Friends in High Places (ma)
Highly Educated (ma)
Talented (Medical Expertise/Surgery, ma)
Credo (Hippocratic Oath, mc)
Memorable (mc)
Soft (mc)

Athletics d6
Covert d4
Discipline d6
Influence d6/Counseling d8
Knowledge d6
Medical Expertise d6/Surgery d10
Perception d6/Investigation d10
Scientific Expertise d6/Life Sciences d8
Survival d4

Modular Operating Theater (aboard Rascal Puff)


Claudia is of mixed ancestry, African and Asian. She wears her hair in dreadlocks, white shirt and tie buttoned all the way up, and a pinstripe suit vest. Pretty, but all business, she grew up on Persephone and put herself through Medical Academy training by serving in the Alliance military. Luckily for her, this was post Unification War. Since leaving the military, she’s bound and determined to relieve the suffering of others. She’s developed what may seem like an emotional detachment from people, displaying a rather cold and profession demeanor. This is a sort of emotional shield many doctors develop to deal with the suffering of others on a daily basis. Chance brought her to a little town on a Rim world, which was hit by Reavers. Her curiosity about the affliction the Reavers suffer from and concern for their victims drove Claudia right out to the blasted edge of the ‘Verse. She now serves as medic aboard “Rascal Puff”, and has set up a portable medlab aboard ship.

Claudia Fong

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