Colin Fulton

Pilot of the "CanTankerous"


Agi d10, Str d6, Vit d6, Ale d12, Int d8, Wil d6
Init d10 + d12; LP 12

Born Behind the Wheel (Mid-Bulk Transports, MA) +2 Agility step when piloting your chosen vehicle type. As a Major Trait, Plot Points spent on actions involving your chosen vehicle are increased by a +2 step.
Friends in Low Places (ma) Spend Plot Points to call in favors.
Math Whiz (ma) +2 Intelligence step to all actions related to accounting, engineering, and navigation and in any situation that requires immediate mathematic interpretation.
Combat Paralysis (MC) You are unable to take action for d4 turns when combat breaks out.
Deadly Enemy (Jilted Ex-Lover, mc) Someone is out to get you, posing a direct threat every 3 to 5 adventures.
Ego Signature (mc) You consistently leave some sort of identifying clue at the scenes of your crimes.

Athletics d6/Dodge d8
Covert d2
Discipline d6/Concentration d8
Guns d4
Heavy Weapons d2
Knowledge d6
Pilot d6/Astrogation d8/Mid-Bulk Transport d12
Scientific Expertise d6
Technical Engineering d6/Hacking d12/Programming d10/Search Cortex d8/Security Systems d8

Cortex Terminal with Personal Access


Colin is rather tall, with blond hair, blue eyes, and looks younger than he is. He seems nervous most of the time, and is rather soft in the middle. Colin was trained as an Electronic Warfare Officer [EWO] by the Alliance, and had just been sent to his duty station when the Unification War ended. He’s not too savvy about the political situation, and just assumed the Alliance were the “good guys.” Since the war, he has developed cred in the husker [the Rim term for hacker] circles. His rather quiet demeanor means he’s not often at odds politically with the captain.

Colin Fulton

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