Corporal Lin


Agi d6, Str d8, Vit d8, Ale d6, Int d4, Wil d8
Init d6+d6; LP 16

Greedy [mc] You will take almost any opportunity to acquire money.
Intimidatin’ Manner [ma] +2 Willpower step on any action that involves all manner of awing other folks. You can also use this on your rolls to resist similar attempts made against you.
Military Rank [ma] +2 Willpower step to all Influence-based actions.
Sadistic [MC] Your cruelty knows no bounds, and you don’t pass up any chance to express your sadistic side, including maiming and torturing those under your power.
Steady Calm [ma] +2 Willpower step to avoid being shaken, frightened, or startled.

Athletics d6/Dodge d8
Covert d6/Stealth d8/Streetwise d8
Discipline d6/Interrogation d8/Intimidation d10
Guns d6
Influence d4
Perception d6

Assault Rifle (d8 W)
Pistol (d6 W)


Description Lin is a towering scarecrow of a man, pushing seven feet tall, but thin as a rail. He shaves his head and tends to stoop. When he speaks, which is rare, his deep, raspy voice tends to unsettle folk. Tendons and veins cord his skeletal hands, and his nails are long and broken. He’s caustic, cruel, and completely devoted to Rejovic.

Corporal Lin

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