Crash Jameson

A no-nonsense, grizzled doctor who lost his leg in the war.


Abilities: Agi d4, Str d6, Vit d4, Ale d8, Int d12, Wil d8
Life Points: 12; Initiative: d8 + d4

Highly Educated (ma) +2 step Attribute bonus to Intelligence for any Knowledge-based skill roll when trying to recall information
Light Sleeper (ma) it’s Impossible to sneak up on you while you’re asleep, even though you may not realize what sound woke you
Sawbones (Ma) +2 Skill step on rolls involving doctoring of any kind and any bonus die you get from spending Plot Points is increased by a +2 step
Steady Calm (ma) +2 step Attribute bonus to Willpower to avoid being shaken, frightened, or startled
Things Go Smooth (ma) you may reroll any one action per session, excluding botches
Amputee (mc) your base movement speed is reduced to 5 feet per turn and you suffer a -4 step penalty on movement actions
Cold As the Black (mc) you have no emotions and suffer a -2 step Skill penalty to social rolls
Crude (mc) -2 step Skill penalty on Influence-based actions whenever refined social behavior is called for
Hooked (Mc) you are abusing a dangerous substance and must get a daily fix or suffer a -4 step penalty to all Attributes for two weeks or until you get your fix
Straight Shooter (mc) you speak the truth without regard for people’s feelings and suffer a -2 step Skill penalty to Influence-based actions when you try to lie

Discipline d8/ Concentration d10
Knowledge d8/ Medicine d12
Medical Expertise d8/ Forensics d10/ General Practice d10/ Surgery d12
Perception d8/ Deduction d12/ Intuition d12/ Investigation d10
Scientific Expertise d6


When things finally boiled over and people started killing each other, I signed up for the Alliance Medical Corps as a “conscientious objector.” Fancy way of saying I wasn’t allowed to kill no one. I lost my leg crossing a mine field to help some wounded soldiers, so I spent the last half of the war working on a hospital ship well off the front lines. The lines had a way of shiftin’ though.
One night we got a fresh load of wounded off some battle in some Buddha-forsaken valley on Hera. Bunch of young boys blown to all kinds of hell down there with more on the way. I was assigned triage duties to try to sort the ones worth our time from them that weren’t. Green for walking wounded, Red for surgery, Black for no hope. In that mess of broken men, I forgot to ask some of them which part of the ‘Verse they called home. Guess I made the mistake of seeing them all as folk. I bumped a couple Red Independents into treatment ahead of some Green Alliance boys and another battle broke out in the ward.
When I conscientiously objected to just letting the Rebels die, I was called a traitor by some and a hero by others. That day for the first time I saw why the border worlds wanted no part of any Alliance with the Core. They had been and always would be second-class no accounts. They’d rather die standing on their own feet than live under someone else’s. When I told that Huen Dahn general that he could Chui Se, they courtmartialed me and sent me to rot on Perdition. The local Browncoats serving sentences there knew my story, so I was able to start a new life as the man that had given an Alliance general a puffed lip.

Crash Jameson

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