Jack Paper

Captain & Mechanic of "Rascal Puff"


Agi d8, Str d6, Vit d6, Ale d6, Int d8, Wil d10
Init d8 + d6; LP 16

Fightin’ Type (MA)
Friends in High Places (ma)
Leadership (ma)
Steady Calm (ma)
Branded (mc)
Chip on the Shoulder (mc)
Credo (Bring ‘em Home Alive, mc)
Loyal (Search and Rescue Workers, mc)
Traumatic Flashes (mc)

Athletics d6/Dodge d10
Covert d4
Discipline d6
Guns d6
Mechanical Engineering d6/Mechanical Repairs d10
Perception d6
Planetary Vehicles d4
Survival d6/Space Survival d8
Technical Engineering d6/Technical Repairs d8

Close-Fit EVA Suit, Pistol (d6 W)

Jack is in his late twenties, relatively good looking with black hair cut in a flat top. He wears a custom close-fit hunter-orange EVA suit.

Jack grew up on Bernadette, a sort of boy-next-door, and joined the Planetary Guard a few years after the end of the Unification War. He completed search-and-rescue training, where he excelled in emergency ship repair and personnel extraction. While on a tour rotation into the Rim, he was sent to recover Alliance assets lost under mysterious circumstances—all right hush-hush. What his crew found were the remnants of a massive battle. Some ships still had close combat aboard, against Reavers. Days of truly grisly work were finally interrupted with a face-to-face encounter. He had to fight for his life, and kill the Reaver to save hisself, but somewhere inside, Jack had come to believe that those things weren’t rightly human anymore.
When Jack returned to Bernadette, he let some information slip, and found hisself dishonorably discharged. He took what jobs he could get, scraped together the funds, and bought hisself an old Bernard salvage rig. Finding crew for it—once they learned what his aim was—turned out to be damned hard. A gent has to be desperate or plain crazy to sign up for his gig. Lucky for Jack such folk do exist in the ‘Verse. He got Kim Lu because she wanted any job, just to feel needed, and Claudia because . . . well . . . who knows why she came along? Now he goes where few dare, out to the edge of the ‘Verse, out to Miranda, to help them that need it most. Sometimes at night that mutilated face of the Reaver invades his dreams, waking him in a cold sweat. In fact, it happens a lot of nights.

Jack Paper

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