Jet Jian

"Why should I care what happens today? I'll forget about it tomorrow."


Abilities: Agi d4, Str d8, Vit d10, Ale d4, Int d10, Wil d6
Life Points: 20; Initiative: d4 + d4; Plot Points: 6; Advancement Points: 5

Born Behind the Wheel (ma) +2 step Attribute bonus at the controls of Space Vehicles
CompTech (ma) +2 step Skill bonus to any computer use
Fightin’ Type (Ma) you can make one free non-attack action each round of combat
Math Whiz (ma) +2 step Attribute bonus for all actions related to accounting, engineering, and navigation
Tough as Nails (Ma) 4 extra Life Points
Amnesia (Mc) you remember who you are but every time you sleep or get knocked out you lose all recent memories
Easy Mark (Mc) -4 step Attribute penalty to distinguish truth from lies
Nosy (mc) –2 Skill step to mental and social actions when you’re aware of a new or recent mystery and you’re trying to focus on anything else
Overconfident (mc) you’ll risk attempting a dangerous action even if you’re not skilled at it
Rebellious (mc) you find ways to avoid following orders without being shot and you take a -2 step Skill penalty to certain actions when interacting with your superior officers

Athletics d6
Mechanical Engineering d4
Melee Weapon Combat d8/ Swords d10
Pilot d8/ Gunships d10
Planetary Vehicles d4
Ranged Weapons d8/ Throwing Knives d10
Technical Engineering d8
Unarmed Combat d6


Jet Jian

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