Johnny Hawkshadow

Mechanic/Sniper on "CanTankerous"


Agi d10, Str d6, Vit d6, Ale d12, Int d8, Wil d6
Init d10 + d12; LP 12

Nose for Trouble (ma) You can always make an Alertness or Intelligence-based roll to sense trouble, and you gain a +2 Attribute step when you expect trouble.
Sharp Sense (Sight, ma) +2 Alertness step for any action utilizing a chosen sense.
Steady Calm (ma) +2 Willpower step to avoid being rattled.
Deadly Enemy (mc) Someone is out to get you, posing a direct threat every 3 to 5 adventures.
Straight Shooter (mc) You speak the truth without regard for people’s feelings and suffer a -2 step Skill penalty to Influence-based actions when you try to lie.
Scrawny (mc) -2 Strength step to all Athletics-based actions and -2 Skill step penalty on Influence-based actions dealing with fitness and physical appearance.

Athletics d6/Dodge d12
Covert d6/Stealth d12
Guns d6/Pistols d8/Rifles d12
Mechanical Engineering d6/Maintenance d10/Repair d10
Perception d6/Tracking d12/Sight d10
Melee Weapon Combat d2

Combat Knife (d4 W), EVA Suit, Pistol (d6W), Sniper Rifle (d8 W)


Johnny is average height and slight of build, with long, black, braided hair. Of First American ancestry, Johnny grew up in a poor Rim village, hunting whatever game he could find, and trying to keep the village’s antiquated equipment running. He never officially joined the Browncoats, but sniped at Alliance forces that tried to appropriate supplies from his village. He recently took over as mechanic on CanTankerous when his predecessor, Jed, was killed in a breach of a liquid hydrogen fuel line.

Johnny Hawkshadow

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