Kai Ying Ming


Abilities: Agi d6, Str d4, Vit d8, Ale d8, Int d10, Wil d6
Life Points: 14; Initiative: d8 + d6; Plot Points: 6; Advancement Points: 6

Highly Educated (ma) +2 step Attribute bonus to Intelligence for any Knowledge-based skill roll when trying to recall information
In Plain Sight (ma) +2 Skill step to rolls to hide, avoid detection, or disguise yourself as another (nonspecific) person
Natural Linguist (ma) you learn Linguist Specialties at half their normal cost and can also imitate and detect specific accents and dialects, giving you a +2 step Skill bonus to Influence or Performance (and appropriate Specialties) whenever you are trying to pass for a native
Nose for Trouble (Ma) you can always make an Alertness or Intelligence based roll to sense trouble even when others can’t and you get a +2 step Attribute bonus when you know that there will be trouble and you can spend 1 Plot Point to negate the effects of surprise
Combat Paralysis (mc) you are unable to take action until d2 rounds after combat starts although you can spend Plot Points equal to the number of turns to shake it off or someone with Leadership might inspire you to action
Neatfreak (mc) -2 step Skill penalty to all actions involving a significant cleanliness problem such as being forced to walk through a sewer
Non-fightin’ Type (mc) you will fight only for your own survival or in situations where there is no other choice and you suffer a –2 step Skill penalty to any combat actions
Nosy (mc) –2 Skill step to mental and social actions when you’re aware of a new or recent mystery and you’re trying to focus on anything else
Overconfident (mc) you’ll risk attempting a dangerous action even if you’re not skilled at it

Athletics d4
Covert d2
Guns d2
Influence d8
Knowledge d8/ Cultures d10
Linguist d8/Japanese d12+d2/ Latin d12+d2/ German d12/ Hindu d12
Perception d8/ Deduction d10/ Intuition d12+d2/ Read Lips d10


Kai Ying Ming comes from a pretty wealthy family. Her fatherowns the most successful titanium mine in this sector. Since the mine is located on Hera, the Ying Mings have a private estate on Hera but live on Osiris to remain in the core since Kai attends the university and Rain, Kai’s mother, is a lawyer. Her parents don’t always agree with each other and Rain chooses to stay out of her husband’s dealings. Mr. Ying Ming also works hard to keep her out, but one thing you can count on them agreeing on is any way to control Kai’s life.

Due to her parent’s wealth, Kai has never wanted for anything, though she hasn’t asked for much either. Kai is happy with her good fortune because it meant a higher education and brighter future for her, but she doesn’t like the price tag that came with it. In exchange for education Kai has had to sign away most of her life and free will to her parents. Now that she is a graduate student in linguistics, she wants to explore the world, get away from her parents, and earn her own credits to live on. While confident (maybe overconfident) about her natural intellect, keen people sense, and knack for languages, she has no place in any sort of fight and she knows it. The girl barely knows how to operate a gun, because she prefers not to. Getting her to even pick one up is a chore. Sure, she knows which end the bullet comes out of and how to make that bullet speed from the barrel, but where the bullet lands is completely up to whatever god you pray to. Kai’s aim is terrible.

Kai is a bit of a neatfreak, but she knows she has this issue and blames her perfectly polished parents for it. It’s how she was raised…and now… she has the disease.

For a linguist she’s the quiet study type more than the talkative type. She prefers to sit back and watch people and listen in. Oh and when I say listen in I mean it. She’s very nosy. Don’t try to hide secrets. If they are written down in any sort of file or journal you keep, she’ll find them. Secrets around Kai are best kept to yourself in you own thoughts. That’s the only place they are safe. While she doesn’t have any kind of reader powers, you might think she does from time to time because after she “studies” you for a time she’ll be able to sort of predict your next move. It’s a people skill. This ability also enables her to sort of know when trouble is brewing right before it turns up. This may be the only thing that has kept her nosy ass safe for so long.

Kai Ying Ming

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