Kim Lu

Pilot/EWO of "Rascal Puff"


Agi d12, Str d4, Vit d4, Ale d12, Int d10, Wil d6
Init d12 + d12; LP 10

Sharp Sense (Sight, ma)
Steady Calm (MA)
Dull Sense (Smell/Taste, mc)
Easy Mark (MC)
Phobia (Agoraphobia, mc)
Scrawny (mc)

Athletics d4
Discipline d6
Guns d6
Heavy Weapons d2
Knowledge d2
Perception d6/Sight d12
Pilot d6/Gunship d10/Mid-Bulk Transport d10/Electronic Warfare d12
Scientific Expertise d4
Survival d2
Technical Engineering d2

EVA Suit, Pistol (d6 W)


Kim is a petite, nondescript Asian woman who appears to be in her early twenties. Showing an amazing agility and visual acuity from early age, Kim was brought into a special Alliance “top-gun” pilot program. During the Unification War, she was electronics warfare officer aboard a bomber, part of an elite squadron with a 100% kill rating. Warfare to her was an art and a science of precision.
After the war, in an effort to make her even better, the Alliance subjected her to experiments to heighten her optical acuity and responsetime. While partially successful, nerve damage has deadened her ability to smell or taste. The resulting loss of appetite and weight caused the Alliance to discharge her. Up to that point, her life had been a single-minded push to perfection in her art. Now, she had been cast adrift due to imperfection, to make her own way.
With so little exposure to the real world, Kim can be profoundly naive. Her flight style is not “natural talent”- oriented but a precise exercise in technical skill. She often has problems understanding outer world colloquialisms. Kim Lu has her call sign 鸇 (zhān, “sparrowhawk”) on her flight suit.

Kim Lu

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