Knives Chau

Spunky young engineer with a knack for getting into and out of trouble.


Agi d6, Str d4, Vit d8, Ale d8, Int d6, Wil d10
Init: d8 + d6; Life Points: 18

Mechanical Empathy (ma) spend Plot Points to identify problems with any machine under your care and a +2 step Skill bonus to fix the problem
Allure (ma) +2 step Skill die bonus on all actions keyed to appearance, such as: seduction, negotiation, persuasion, or winning beauty pageants
Reader (ma) +2 step Attribute bonus to Alertness whenever observing someone, trying to discern the truth from a lie, and in other situations where your talents might help you understand a person
Trustworthy Gut (ma) +2 step Attribute bonus to any mental Attribute roll when you are relying on intuition
Absent Minded (mc) –2 Skill step when distractions make it difficult for you to concentrate on a long or involved task or when you try to remember where you put the keys to the spaceship
Dark Secret (Mc) you have a secret that could potentially get you killed and suffer a -2 step Skill penalty when trying to explain it when it gets out
Forked Tongue (mc) -4 step Skill penalty to all Influence-based actions when people know that you tend to lie

Athletics d8
Covert d8
Discipline d4
Guns d8
Influence d8
Mechanical Engineering d8
Melee Weapons Combat d8
Perception d8/ Intuition d10


I’m real good at sizing someone up just by looking at ‘em and my hunches are usually right. I can turn on the charm and make people see things my way. I’m always looking for the next shiny thing that comes my way and I learned to be a mechanic so I can see the ‘Verse. I may look like a delicate flower but I’ve had to survive long enough that I am not one to be crossed.

Knives Chau

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