Ming-Mei Kowalski

Captain of "CanTankerous"


Agi d10, Str d6, Vit d10, Ale d8, Int d8, Wil d10
Init d10 + d8; LP 20

Fightin’ Type (MA) Take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty.
Leadership (MA) Once per session, you may designate a goal. Everyone working to achieve the goal gains +2 Skill step on any one action directly related to completing the task. You can spend Plot Points to improve the other characters’ actions related to your chosen goal.
Military Rank (ma) +2 Willpower step to all Influence-based actions.
Nose for Trouble (ma) You can always make an Alertness or Intelligence-based roll to sense trouble, and you gain a +2 Attribute step when you expect trouble.
Credo (Never leave a man behind, MC) Your credo is a sure fire way to put yourself in danger.
Deadly Enemy (mc) Someone is out to get you, posing a direct threat every 3 to 5 adventures.
Loyal (Browncoats, mc) You will do anything to help and protect a chosen group.
Overconfident (mc) You’ll risk attempting a dangerous action even if you’re not the least bit skilled at it.
Prejudice (Alliance, mc) -2 step Skill penalty to all Influence-based social interactions with the object of your prejudice.

Athletics d6/Dodge d8
Covert d2
Discipline d6/Leadership d8
Guns d6/Assault Rifles d8/Pistols d12
Heavy Weapons d4
Influence d6/Conversation d8/Persuasion d8
Knowledge d2
Mechanical Engineering d2
Perception d6/Intuition d8/Tactics d8
Melee Weapon Combat d4
Pilot d4
Planetary Vehicles d4
Technical Engineering d4

Ballistic Mesh (1 W), Combat Knife (d4W), EVA Suit, Pistol (d6 W), Rifle (d8 W)


Ming-Mei is in her early thirties. Cheerfully confident, she looks like she’s seen a few rough miles. Coming from a community of oppressed miners, Ming-Mei joined the Browncoats as an officer during the Unification War. Her outstanding leadership skills brought more than a few of her men home. Now she runs CanTankerous, tries to make a comfortable home for herself and her crew, and waits for the Browncoats to rise again. Ming-Mei would rather talk her way out of trouble, but has no problem using her weapons judiciously.

Ming-Mei Kowalski

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