Reina Li-Xue Quartermaine

Companion/Physician on "CanTankerous"


Agi d8, Str d4, Vit d6, Ale d8, Int d12, Wil d10
Init d8 + d8; LP 16

Allure (ma) +2 Skill step to all actions keyed to appearance.
Friends in High Places (ma) Spend Plot Points to call in favors.
Highly Educated (ma) +2 Intelligence step to recall information.
Registered Companion (ma) +2 Skill step bonus to Influence-based actions in dealing with those who respect your station.
Trustworthy Gut (ma) +2 Attribute step to any mental Attribute roll when you are relying on intuition.
Credo (Compelled to assist Companions and whores, mc) Your credo will get you into minor trouble.
Deadly Enemy (mc) Someone is out to get you, posing a direct threat every 3 to 5 adventures.
Loyal (Crew and Companions, mc) You will do anything to help and protect a chosen group.
Memorable (mc) +2 Alertness step to spot you or recognize your likeness.
Soft (mc) +1 Stun every time you take damage. You also must succeed an Average Willpower + Discipline action to keep from weeping and wailing whenever you suffer Wound damage.

Artistry d6
Athletics d4
Discipline d6
Influence d6/Persuasion d8/Seduction d10
Knowledge d6
Medical Expertise d6/Internal Medicine d10/Surgery d10
Perception d6/Empathy d8/Intuition d8
Performance d6/Dance d8
Unarmed Combat d6/Karate d8

MedAcad Doctor’s Bag


Reina is in her mid-twenties with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. She grew up on Sihnon, the daughter of a Companion. When she showed medical aptitude, she was encouraged to train as a Guild Physician, and attended the Osiris Medical Academy. Now she’s been asked to travel to the Border and Rim worlds, learn of the living conditions of Companions and whores away from the core, and see to their well-being. Reina carries herself with the grace of a Companion and the compassion of a concerned doctor.

Reina Li-Xue Quartermaine

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