Roy "Son" Sherman


Abilities: Agi d12, Str d6, Vit d6, Ale d8, Int d6, Wil d8
Init d12 + d8, Life Points 14

Born behind the wheel (ma) +2 step bonus to your Agility Attribute whenever you are at the controls of your chosen vehicle type
Mean left hook (ma) unarmed attacks inflict Basic damage instead of Stun
Memorable (mc) others gain a +2 step Alertness Attribute bonus when attempting to spot you or recognize your likeness
Things don’t go smooth (Mc) twice per session, the GM can force you to re-roll an action and take the lowest of the two results
Ugly as sin (mc) -2 step Skill penalty to all actions keyed to appearance

Covert d8/Sabotage d10/Open Locks d10
Guns d8/Pistols d10
Mechanical Engineering d8
Medical Expertise d2
Melee Weapons Combat d8
Perception d6
Pilot d8/Medium Bulk Transport d12
Planetary Vehicle d6

Ballistic Vest
Derringer X 2
Combat Knife
Utility Knife, Lock Picks, Electronic lock Picks, Basic toolkit, Cutting Torch, Multiband, First Aid kit, Immunization Packet X 2, Doctors Bag, Credits X 512


Roy "Son" Sherman

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