Vern "V" Taylor


Agi d10, Str d8, Vit d8, Ale d10, Int d8, Wil d10
Init d10 + d10; LP 22

Cortex Specter [MA] No official docket for you exists anywhere.
Fightin’ Type [MA] Take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty.
Friends in Low Places [ma] Spend Plot Points to call in favors.
Intimidatin’ Manner [ma] +2 Willpower step on any action that involves all manner of awing other folks. You can also use this to resist similar attempts against you.
Lightnin’ Reflexes [MA] Lightnin’ Reflexes [Major]: +2 Agility step to Initiative.
Nose for Trouble [ma] You can always make an Alertness or Intelligence-based roll to sense trouble, and you gain a +2 Attribute step when you expect trouble.
Tough as Nails [MA] +4 Life Points.
Chip on the Shoulder [MC] -2 step Skill penalty to all peaceable social actions with even a hint of tension. Any time you suffer Wound damage you go completely berserk.
Cold as the Black [mc] -2 Skill step to social rolls when your lack of emotion causes problems.
Dull Sense [Hearing, mc] -2 Alertness step for any action utilizing a chosen sense.
Ego Signature [mc] You consistently leave some sort of identifying clue at the scenes of your crimes.
Memorable [mc] +2 Alertness step to spot you or recognize your likeness.

Athletics d8/Dodge d10
Covert d8/Infiltration d12/Open Locks d10/Stealth d12/Surveillance d10
Discipline d8/Interrogation d10/Intimidation d10
Guns d8/Pistols d12
Influence d4
Knowledge d8
Melee Weapon Combat d8
Perception d8
Pilot d8
Planetary Vehicles d8
Survival d8/Tracking d12
Unarmed Combat d8/Aikido d10


Vern "V" Taylor

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