The Oasis Skyplex


The Oasis is a privately owned skyplex orbiting the agricultural moon Lilac. It’s shops and casinos cater to the wealthier farmers on the surface and those travelers what might be in need of distraction out on the rim.

  • Lodging ranges from high-roller luxury suites providing all the amenities of the core to low-end, hostel style rooms for those just needing a night’s rest before catching the next tramp freighter headed elsewhere.
  • The casino features all the most popular card and table games and plays host to a poker tournament that draws gamblers from all across the ‘Verse every year. The tournament is always scheduled to coincide with Lilac’s harvest season when the locals set up a produce market in the bazaar that draws almost as big of a crowd.
  • Oasis has basic repair and refueling facilities, although there can be a considerable wait on any parts they don’t keep on hand.
  • There are regular shuttle runs to and from Lilac’s major cities, and passengers are always looking to book passage aboard any available ships headed for other parts.
  • A private security force keeps the station relatively safe on the Rim, where there is very little Alliance presence.
  • Nearly any goods or services imaginable can be bought in the bazaar for the right price and if you know who to ask.

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The Oasis Skyplex

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